Secret by Kindle Alexander – Review


I don’t even know where to start with “Secret”.  I guess the beginning is always a good place to start! The title in and of itself is the best description of this book.  Having no idea what it was about I was nervous and excited to start it.  I generally don’t read blurbs before I read a book because I mostly go on recs from fellow book lovers.   Being a HUGE Kindle Alexander fan I knew she would do what she does best and bring a story to life that has more truth and real life situation than the fantasy side of reading we all enjoy.    Alexander manages to bring all your emotions front and center and makes you realize the strength & sometimes heartbreak the gay community has to deal with due to others close minded views.

I am never one for spoilers so if you are hoping to get a cliff notes of the book you won’t find it here.    I adored Dylan & Tristan – their chemistry was off the charts.  Their bedroom scenes were hot & amazing (cold shower will be need).   However, my absolute favorite character was Teri.  She represents the strength and love a family needs when the “normal” life you are supposed to live is not so normal.  She is the foundation in which the family needed to get through the circumstances in which they lived. She’s intimating, fun and one kick a$$ woman who loves her family more than anything.    Dylan was shy, sweet and my heart just about broke for the situation he was in.  To put others before yourself and place your life on hold is selfless and admirable.  Tristan was fun loving, sexy as I don’t know what.  His devotion to Dylan was awe inspiring.

Alexander is phenomenal in her writing and once again brought me to heart wrenching sobs.  Don’t get me wrong, there was no death that brought the tears, merely the happiness that emanated for everyone.  “Secret” will be book that will stay with you forever.  If you are a Kindle Alexander fan you know what to expect….tears, laughter & huge respect for those that deal with ignorance of the world. If you have never read her work I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for you!

5 Stars in not enough for this book – Fantastic job Kindle!  You are an amazing writer and I thank you for the stories you bring to us!

An ARC was provided for an honest review – Michelle Bigioni-Slagan/Book Boyfriend Junkies


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