Secret by Kindle Alexander – Review


I don’t even know where to start with “Secret”.  I guess the beginning is always a good place to start! The title in and of itself is the best description of this book.  Having no idea what it was about I was nervous and excited to start it.  I generally don’t read blurbs before I read a book because I mostly go on recs from fellow book lovers.   Being a HUGE Kindle Alexander fan I knew she would do what she does best and bring a story to life that has more truth and real life situation than the fantasy side of reading we all enjoy.    Alexander manages to bring all your emotions front and center and makes you realize the strength & sometimes heartbreak the gay community has to deal with due to others close minded views.

I am never one for spoilers so if you are hoping to get a cliff notes of the book you won’t find it here.    I adored Dylan & Tristan – their chemistry was off the charts.  Their bedroom scenes were hot & amazing (cold shower will be need).   However, my absolute favorite character was Teri.  She represents the strength and love a family needs when the “normal” life you are supposed to live is not so normal.  She is the foundation in which the family needed to get through the circumstances in which they lived. She’s intimating, fun and one kick a$$ woman who loves her family more than anything.    Dylan was shy, sweet and my heart just about broke for the situation he was in.  To put others before yourself and place your life on hold is selfless and admirable.  Tristan was fun loving, sexy as I don’t know what.  His devotion to Dylan was awe inspiring.

Alexander is phenomenal in her writing and once again brought me to heart wrenching sobs.  Don’t get me wrong, there was no death that brought the tears, merely the happiness that emanated for everyone.  “Secret” will be book that will stay with you forever.  If you are a Kindle Alexander fan you know what to expect….tears, laughter & huge respect for those that deal with ignorance of the world. If you have never read her work I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for you!

5 Stars in not enough for this book – Fantastic job Kindle!  You are an amazing writer and I thank you for the stories you bring to us!

An ARC was provided for an honest review – Michelle Bigioni-Slagan/Book Boyfriend Junkies


No Limit By LP. Dover Review


5 Stars

L.P. Dover is the master of suspenseful & sexy reads! Once again, she did an amazing job in keeping the reader glued to the story with Jason & Aylee.
“No Limit” is the beginning of a new series Armed & Dangerous. Jason was introduced to us in Dover’s previous series Gloves Off, Camden’s Redemption and I could not wait for his book. He was mysterious and sexy in that book and Dover did an amazing job in crossing it over to No Limit. The story is set in Vegas and what starts out as a solo mission quickly turns into more when Aylee steps in to help. Together they put themselves in the line of fire in an attempt to capture a killer.
Dover does an exceptional job in keeping the flow of the book without making it feel rushed. I loved the dual POV as it is always my favorite when you get to see and feel what both MCs are thinking and feeling. I absolutely loved the cameos of some of the Gloves Off characters. No Limit packs a punch with sexy hot scenes, suspense and romance. You think you have the mystery solved and BAM…the book takes a different turn and you realize you were completely wrong.
I highly recommend No Limit – If you loved & adored her MMA bad boys you will fall in love with Jason. I am excited to see what Dover will bring next in the Armed and Dangerous Series.


Ironic By Harper Miller Review

Ironic Cover

3.5 Stars

Well that was fun……”Ironic” by Harper Miller was one of the sexiest fastest reads have ever read. What Miller put into this short story will leave you breathing hard, taking cold showers and wishing for more – Especially with the way it ended… If you are in need of a quickie than this is the book for you.  It may be short, but Miller does an excellent job in keeping your attention until the very end.   I hope she continues this story.  I would love to see what happens with Mimi & Aden.

An ARC was provided for an honest review

Jake’s Journal by Janine Infante Bosco – Review


5 Stars

And when you thought you have cried all you could over Jake, Ms. Infante-Bosco releases “Jake’s Journal”.    I already knew I would be a hot, sobbing mess while reading this BUT (and that is a BIG BUT)…..YOU MUST READ HIS JOURNAL!

If you want to know what was going on with Jake during his darkest times PLEASE read his journal…  Not all of it will make the tears come.  Some of the entries were hilarious and so Jake (I miss him)….but there were also the ones that explained what he was going through and how he felt.  The entry about his dad and their secret was one of the best.   Thank you Ms. Infante-Bosco for giving us Jake’s thoughts.  You truly are an amazing writer and I look forward to whatever next you have in store for us…..Maybe even a little wedding/baby novella of the Lanza’s (just sayin).

Fitting the Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco – Review


5 Stars

It’s a little bittersweet that “Fitting the Pieces” is the end of The Lanza Clan but I am super excited for Luke!

Luke……Luke….Luke……this poor man has been to hell and back!  He is a single father raising an amazing little girl, Ava.  He is the patient one in the family and is always trying to fix everything.  The one thing he couldn’t fix was Jake’s cancer even though he was the match for the bone marrow transplant.  He feels like he has failed everyone, including Jake.  He was suppose to save Jake and couldn’t and now he has sworn to protect Cara as a last wish from Jake.  Will Luke be able to keep his promise to Jake and take care of Cara?

Cara is struggling with the death of the one man she was suppose to spend forever with.  The power of addiction to numb the pain she feels is too much for her handle.   With the help from Luke she sets out to get her life under control.  He promises to be by her side for whatever she needs.   Will Luke be able to help her heal from the devastation?

I didn’t cry as much with this book as I did with book 1 & 2. Don’t get me wrong I still sobbed especially when Jake was mentioned….I mean how could you not knowing what everyone went through.    This was a perfect ending to a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC series.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is….. “I don’t want to fix her because she’s broken.” He said with his own voice sounding a bit broken. “I want to help her because losing her too isn’t an option.”…….Gahhhhhhh…..I just wanted to wrap Luke in my arms and hold on tight.

Does everything in life really happen for a reason?  Will Luke & Cara be able to fit the pieces back together to be make each other whole again?     Read “Fitting the Pieces” and you will find out!

Broken Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco – Review


5 Stars

The Lanza’s are back ladies and gentlemen!   And I, for one, could not be happier.  If you haven’t read “Pieces”, book 1 in The Riverdale Series, you will need to prior to reading “Broken Pieces”.

Nick Foti has been best friends with Jake & Luke Lanza since they were kids.  He left 7 years ago and is now back and needed more than ever.  When he returns to Riverdale the Lanza family is extremely happy to have someone they consider part of the family home especially with Jake’s condition.  Well…….everyone except Sam (Jake & Luke’s little sister)

Sam Lanza’s heart was broken 7 years ago when her crush, Nick, up and left Riverdale with no warning.  She wants to hate him now that he is back (and she tries her hardest to do so), but nothing will keep true love away from one another.   Nick does everything he can to be there for The Lanza family when their world seems to crumble to the ground.

Will Sam let Nick help her through the darkest days of her life?  Or will she push him away to cope on her own?

Once again Ms. Infante-Bosco has ripped my heart out with this book (Don’t worry I still adore you).  I was an absolute mess reading this book – completely wrecked.  She knows exactly how to pull every emotion you have known to the surface and force you to deal with it and I am in awe of her writing….. I had hope, excitement, anger, devastation and even happiness.   I am a little nervous about book 3, but I know it will be as heart wrenchingly beautiful as the first 2 books.

Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco – Review


5 Stars

Have you read a book, not knowing what it was about, that gripped your heart and didn’t let go?  Well…….”Pieces” was that book for me!  I kept getting recommendations to read it so I figured what the heck.   I didn’t read the synopsis nor the reviews – I just dove right in not knowing what to expect.

Jake Lanza, owner of a tattoo shop, is the jokester of his family.  He is always laughing, wiggling is eye brows and just being a genuinely nice guy.  His best friend, Cara, has had a troubled childhood but she still sees the best in everyone.  The Lanza family is the family she never had and with that begins a beautiful love story!   I am not one for spoilers so you will not get a play by play from me, but this book will take you on an emotionally roller-coaster and make you sit back and realize how true to life this story is. It’s fun, sexy and gut wrenchingly beautiful.

Janine Infante-Bosco writing is phenomenal.  The story she brings to life is real….it’s emotional….It is what astonishing books are made of.  She gives great detail in the secondary characters as much as the main ones.

What happens when you realize your best friend is your soul mate?   What will happen once she knows what you are hiding?   What will happen when the pieces fall together?    I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what can happen when friendships are put aside for love and what happens when a situation is thrown into that special bond that can destroy everything you thought would be yours!

Well done Ms. Infate-Bosco – I will forever be a fan! You made me feel things that I never felt while reading a book. Get those tissues handy you are going to need them!